Our Contribution In APEC Forum

Om September 11, 2012, the team of President Hotel came back to Moscow from the Russky Island having successfully fulfilled its task to prepare and conduct APEC events.
More than 40 employees of the President hotel, Arbat hotel and Los hotel, since May 2012, were prepairing five buildings of the Far Eastern Federal University with a capacity of around 2,000 rooms to accommodate official delegations and journalists who will arrive at the summit. President Hotel was responsible for buildings 1 and 2, with a capacity of 241 rooms each, to accommodate official delegations, as well as buildings 9,10 and 11, with a capacity of 505 rooms each, to accommodate journalists. We were set the task to organize reception and accommodation of guests and general coordination of activity of attracted companies responsible for housekeeping, restaurant and technic support services. For time of summit dormitories of students in the campus were turned into modern hotels which was appreciated highly by the guests of the summit.
The buildings which were under President hotel’s control accommodated official delegations of China, South Korea, Mexico, Brunei, Peru, Thailand, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Malaysia, headed by the leaders of these countries as well as more than 1,200 journalists and technical specialists of the leading mass media of the planet.
We are greatful to the Department of Affairs of the President of the Russian Federation that gave the President Hotel a unique possibility to get invaluable experience of working at summit of such a grandiose scale. With a small professional team at our disposal we managed to ensure the operation of hotel with 10 times higher accommodation capacity than President Hotel
. Headship of the Department of Affairs of the President of the Russian Federation highly appreciated our work which results could not be achieved without our partners.
We praise the professional team of Mövenpick Cebu hotel (Philippines) that by its hospitality and creative approach delighted journalists in buildings 9,10,11.
We thank Corpus Group company (Moscow, Russia) for joint productive work in the sphere of housekeeping and restaurants, Far Eastern branch of Crocus company and Libra company (Moscow, Russia) for technical support, Autopilot company for transportation service, Straga Security company (Vladivostok, Russia) for ensuring safety.
Special, heartful gratitudes to our wonderful students-volunteers from Moscow State University, MGIMO and college № 22(Moscow, Russia). Friends, you are the best! Please know that doors of the President Hotel are always open to you. We will be happy if some of you after working with us will take hospitality business as you profession.