The Fourth National Congress on Priorities of Economic Development of Russia Worked in the PRESIDENT HOTEL

On October 8, 2009 PRESIDENT HOTEL hosted the Fourth National congress “Economic development priorities. Modernization and technological development of Russia’s  economy” – one of the important annual public events on a Russian scale.

The aim of the congress was to prepare proposals for stimulating processes of modernizing the domestic economy, its transition to the new technological composition based on the formation of an effective innovation partnership of the Russian state, science and business.

The Fourth National congress was opened by the plenary session when the reports of experts on innovation development were considered. The plenary session was followed by a panel session with the participation of the representatives of power structures, expert, scientific and business communities who discussed the legal, resource, personnel aspects of innovation activity.

Results achieved by the Fourth National congress this year led to the conclusion that the Congress again proved its status of a prominent federal expert platform where suggestions on strategic development of the country can successfully be prepared.