“Library” Hall

“Library” Hall “Library” Hall “Library” Hall
Seating chart Theater-style seating Class Round table П-shape T-shape Banquet
Capacity 80 80 40 35 35 -
  • Capacity:keyboard_arrow_down

    • Theater-style seating: 80 people
    • Class: 80 people
    • Round table: 40 people
    • П-shape: 35 people
    • T-shape: 35 people

Classic interior designed in beige shades. “Round tables” and conferences are available.
Square is 142 sq. m.

Congress and concert equipment do not belong to HC “President-Hotel” come-in and using forbidden according the Company internal policy. PC using is exception.

Cost calculation is based on equipment technical specifications necessary for showmen and artists participating in the program.

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