Arush Votsmush’s exhibition at the Assembly Restaurant

Arush Votsmush’s exhibition at the Assembly Restaurant

Dear guests,

Assembly Panoramic Restaurant on the roof of President Hotel houses an exhibition of artist Arush Votsmush. The exhibition presents 13 watercolours, including the latest works created in 2019, in particular the “The life lace”.

Arush Votsmush or Alexander Shumtsov is an artist, animator, screenwriter, participant of Sotheby's auction in Tel Aviv, a member of the Union of Russian Artists, of the International Art Foundation, and of the UNESCO International Association of Artists. He was born in Omsk, graduated from the Crimean Art School, studied in the Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), and nowadays he works on the azure coast of Crimea.
It seems that his pictures are weaved from fog - gentle, elusive, ready to dissipate from a lightest wind puff or with the first rays of the June sun. Fascinating themes and invariable main characters: the sea, houses, women, cats and sailors leaving in a foggy reality. Courage and ease, pinpoint precision in representation of an intimate atmosphere causing a deep immersion inside oneself and wordless admiration.

The exhibition will be open until the end of September.

Watch the best!

“The life lace”, 2019 г.

Картина Кружево жизни

“The Neighbour”, 2018 г.

Картина Соседка

“The Station”, 2018 г.

Картина Станция

“Please come back”, 2018 г.

Картина Вернись

“Returning to you”, 2018 г.

Возвращуюсь к тебе