Kira Zakharova Invited to the “Country's Best” Show

Kira Zakharova Invited to the “Country's Best” Show

Kira Zakharova, our Director General, took part in the ‘Country's Best’ show, broadcasted by TV and radio channel.

She revealed the new services, special offers, and programmes, arranged for our guests:

Kira Zakharova further noted one of the hotel’s most important values, that is, the staff.

«I’ve always said, that the hotel begins with people. For our guests, we are more than just a beautiful place in the very heart of Moscow to reside at. We are our employees. We are recognized for our maids, waiters, cooks and other labourers who have been working at the hotel over a number of years. One should admit a pleasure of staying in a familiar place with trustworthy staff. This is like visiting your family»

Check out the whole show (TV coverage as of November 21):