The Union of Theatre Workers at «President-Hotel»

The Union of Theatre Workers

Congress of The Union of Theatre Workers was holding on 23 October 2016 at “President-Hotel”. All-Russia Theatre Forum “Theatre, society, state: challenge and problems of tomorrow” took place on 24 October during the Congress.

Alexander Kalyagin, director, actor, People's Artist of Russia was re-elected at position of Chairman of UTE RF as a result of Congress of The Union of Theatre Workers. 169 persons participated at the secret voting, all of them approved A. A.Kalyagin’s re-election for the next 5 year on an unchallenged basis.

Also there were Forum discussions:

  • Relationships between city life and theatre life;
  • Partial delegation of authority of culture administration to public institutions, especially to UTE;
  • Organization of theatric performances for children and teenagers;
  • Creative specialists legal and social protection;

 Theatric sphere responsibility for nation spiritual health