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«Friend of the Tretyakov Gallery» Loyalty Card

President-Hotel and the Tretyakov Gallery have jointly developed ‘Friend of the Tretyakov Gallery’ corporate loyalty cards*, specially intended for our guests.

Connect with the beauty!

The card offers you the following benefits:

  • Free admission, including an access to all exhibitions
  • No waiting in line
  • 10 % off the museum shop items, marked with the Tretyakov Gallery logo:

Get your card at the reception.

*This is a limited offer.

Check out the latest Tretyakov Gallery highlights:

The World’s First Fully Immersive VR Exhibition "Goncharova and Malevich: In Three Dimensions" The display will run in the Main Building until December 20, 2019.

Tretyakov visitors will be invited to experience full virtual immersion and though their headsets will be transported into the carefully recreated studios of late artists Goncharova and Malevich. Within this virtual space, the user will not only witness the creative process behind the making of an artwork but will also be able to reproduce the artists’ greatest pieces using paint brushes on canvas, resulting in the creation of their own still-life artwork. The results can be shared on the participants’ social media platforms making the experience interactive and engaging.