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Roman Viktyuk Theatre

President-Hotel jointly with Roman Viktyuk Theatre gives its guests and partners a special gift. To purchase tickets for any performance of 2019 theatrical season with a 20 % discount*, use the PRESIDENT promotional code. There is discount available online when purchasing on the theatre’s official website.

Roman Viktyuk is famous for his unique style, which has set the stage for a brand new dramatic discipline. The iconic performances of Roman Viktyuk embody utter theatricality, merging the spectator into the sacral meaning of the events, where every gesture is spiritually driven, and every word is piercing.

The list of productions currently comprises 22 performances, including the productions of Roman Viktyuk himself, and the works by other directors. Besides, the theatre features a peculiar kind of creative laboratory conducting a constant search for new exciting, theatrical, poetic and plastic forms and solutions.

*The promotional code may be used for tickets with the price of 1,000 rubles and higher.

Have a look at the event poster below, tailored for you according to our reckoning:

Performance Performance dates
The Master and Margarita (16+)
Ivan Bezdomny’s Dreams, Roman Viktyuk's adaptation
of 'Master and Margarita' by Mikhail Bulgakov
November 19, 28; December 11, 22; January 4, 14, 23
The Maids (18+)
Jean Genet
November 24; December 7, 21; January 5, 19
Salome (18+)
Oscar Wilde
November 30; December 8, 29; January 6, 22, 31
Exupery. Towards the Stars (12+)
Play by Andrey Borovikov based on corespondence of Consuelo and
Antoine de Saint-Exupery and excerpts from The Little Prince
November 20; December 2; January 16, 18