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Детская гипоаллергенная косметика и халатики
Книжки и раскраски
Прогулочные коляски и люльки
Сосиски молочные с картофельным пюре
Морковный салат с яблоком
Рисовая каша на молоке с домашним вареньем
Куриные котлетки на пару с картофельным пюре.
Овощи на пару
Куриный бургер и куриные наггетсы с картофелем фри
Мороженное ассорти с шоколадной стружкой
Стульчики в ресторане для завтраков
Прогулки на теплоходах
Игровая площадка в Парке Горького
Детский клуб «Зеленая школа»
Международный детский сад «М.И.Р.»
Голицынский пруд в Парке Горького
Веревочный парк в Парке Горького

Hotel President-Hotel is pleased to welcome guests with children and offers a wide range of services for a comfortable stay for families with children.

«President Hotel» is known for the fact that the first persons of the state like to stay here. It would seem that children in such a status and “adult” complex are completely out of place. But this is not so - on the contrary, children turn out to be the most important guests for us!

After all, a child is the key to the hearts of parents, and therefore the opportunity to find the most loyal guests who will come back to us again and again. Every day we receive small VIP-persons at the highest level, surprising not only babies, but also their parents.

Surprising taste

Let the heart of any guest lie through the stomach, and the kids are no exception. Today, almost every hotel has a children's menu: traditional nuggets, French fries, sausages and pasta with cheese - a classic that will not surprise anyone.

We have developed two blocks of the children's menu: festive and healthy. In the festive menu you can find pasta, chicken burgers and your favorite French fries. But the useful menu has everything for proper nutrition of kids. These are diet and steamed dishes: carrot salad with apple, oatmeal with raisins, chicken meatballs with mashed potatoes and, of course, sweet buckwheat porridge with butter.

To make little guests feel at home, we delight them with warm milk and cookies. At any time, we are ready to serve goodies in the room.

Surprising as an adult

Usually traveling with a child involves a lot of luggage. It's not even about the clothes that you need to take with you on the road. Often, all the space in a suitcase is occupied by household items.

We understand that this is inconvenient. And so we offer our guests all the essentials already in place - this will save space in your luggage and make it possible to feel at home. Crib, bathrobe, slippers and hypoallergenic cosmetics - we will provide everything you need.

Upon request, even a pot will be delivered to your room. It would seem a trifle, but just such trifles are important for guests who come back to us again and again.

Surprised by security

Getting to a hotel from another city or country is a real quest when you have a small child in your arms, or even two. Taking a stroller for each of the kids is not an easy task. Therefore, we offer strollers and chairs for the smallest on the spot, and are also ready to meet guests at the airport with everything you need. To make the trip comfortable and safe.

Surprising the Art in a Presidential Way

During the holidays, especially the New Year's, parents have the opportunity to turn to our animators - they will not only watch a cartoon with their child, but will try to organize children's activities as useful and interesting as possible. Drawing, reading books - each child will find something to do by age and preference. Leaving the children in the care of our “nannies”, parents can visit the spa area or devote time to work.

However, the most valuable thing - for which guests with children from the age of 7 years especially love us - is a great partnership program with the Tretyakov Gallery. The museum conducts fascinating children's excursions and master classes, opening the world of art for children.

Our cards allow you to visit the main expositions, master classes and creative evenings for free and without queue, but by prior reservation. Thus, we save the most valuable thing for our guests - time. It is important for us that in their journey they receive the best.